Frequently Asked Questions for LiPowerline

Can I modify the file names of the segmented point cloud files?

  • Changing the name of the point cloud files is not advised. You may not want to change the segmented point cloud files because the names of these files indicate the positional relationships between the power towers.

Can I edit the transmission tower file (.LiTower) after segmentation?

  • No. Editing the .LiTower files may prevent LiPowerline from correctly matching point cloud files with modified transmission towers that have been modified after segmentation.

When I am choosing the settings for a run of the LiPowerline’s Scissor Crossing Analysis tool I have the option to inspect only the class values include in the imported XML file(s). If I choose not to inspect the input XML data, which classes will LiPowerline inspect by default?

  • Detection of the conductor above and conductor below classes will be performed by default.

What types of ground and surface objects should be included in the sample data (training data)?

  • Ground points, power lines (conductors and ground wire), and transmission towers (tension tower and straight line tower).

Do I need to set the type of transmission tower to conduct a comprehensive working conditions-type simulation?

  • Yes. You must choose the types of transmission towers (tension towers and straight line towers) to distinguish the different segment types.

How do I perform individual tree segmentation in LiPowerline?

  • You can perform individual tree segmentation operations by running the tree growth/fall analysis tools. The individual tree segmentation tools can also be accessed through the LiPowerline Tool Box.

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