LiAir Premium (32E/MX)

Advanced Aerial LiDAR System

LiAir Premium 32E/MX 

LiAir Premium retains the usability and functionality of LiAir Standard whilst providing enhancements where they matter most. The upgraded POS-system is a perfect fit for users who require a higher level of accuracy. LiAir Premium MX integrates Riegl miniVUX-1, allowing for an even higher point density and longer range. LiAir Premium is leading affordable aerial LiDAR systems into the future.

liair premium mx

LiAir Premium MX mounted to GVI proprietary UAV

Quick Specs

Sample Data

Application: Forestry, Forest Management, Forest Inventory

Data Format: * .LiData - GreenValley's proprietary file format. Can be converted to .las within LiDAR360.

Data collection: LiAir Premium 32E & DJI m600 Pro

Speed: 4.8 m/s (recommended acquisition speed)

Background: Acquired by LiAir Premium 32E. Data can be used for tree segmentation and digital surface model generation. Displayed by elevation. 

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