Power Line Applications

Electricity Infrastructure is an essential service for modern society. The task of maintaining a power network safely and efficiently poses a significant challenge for electricity departments worldwide. At GVI,we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge turnkey solutions for power Line inspection and management, transmission towers inspection and management, construction planning design, and management.


Intelligent Inspection

Real Time Operation

Multiple Applications


We have a complete LiDAR product line, developing team, large-scale production capacity, all this advantages lead us to a better product competitiveness and industry application ability.

Tower Inspection

Flight route Planning

Results Analysis

Realtime Condition Analysis

Wire wind deviation simulation

Ice coating simulation

High temperature simulation

Drainage line - Wind simulation

Channel Dangerous Points Simulation and Condition Analysis




Upper crossover line

Danger point classification

Lower crossover line

Power line Completion acceptance

Urban Power Analysis

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LiAir X3-H
LiAir X3C-H
LiGrip H300

Case Studies

How did mobile LiDAR scanning speed up the powerline 3D model creation and encrochment assessment?

What Is Mobile LiDAR Scanning System? A mobile lidar scanning system is a technique that captures highly comprehensive and precise 3D data of the surroundings using laser-based remote sensing. It can be carried by people with backpack or handheld method, and it can also be attached to vehicle, such as a car or ute, and goes along a predetermined path while scanning the surroundings. LiBackpack DGC50 & LiMobile are mobile LiDAR scanner for backpack and vehicle-mounted applications respectively…
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Solar Energy - Intelligent Inspection Project Using LiDAR and Point Cloud Data

Background Known as solar power plants, solar farms, solar parks, and photovoltaic power stations or plants, photovoltaic systems (PV systems) have become larger and more significant, increasing in construction and scale during the past decade. Although, Photovoltaic power operations and maintenance challenges have become more prominent and frequent. Traditional manual inspection can encounter many problems, such as inefficiencies, non-standard data collection, and a poor operating environment…
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Power Line Corridor Mapping

Methodologies to Acquisition and Data ProcessingRoutine inspection of power transmission lines is critical for securing uninterrupted distribution of electricity. Traditional, ground-based inspection methods involving teams of surveyors is typically very labor-intensive and time-consuming. Methods for calculating the distance between the sag of the transmission wire and the tree often involves heavy equipment such as height measuring rods and theodolites. This is a huge workload for patrolling personnel whom may be located in deep wilderness and/or hazardous terrain.Recently, energy service pr···
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Handheld, Mobile and UAV 3D Mapping Systems

GVI aims to provide versatile LiDAR hardware systems to accurately map any 3D environment. Through the use of SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping), our Handheld and Mobile systems can rapidly scan both indoor and outdoor environments without the need for GPS. This ability allows foresters, archaeologists, civil engineers, surveyors, and more to build robust datasets without prep or complex post-processing software.

GreenValley International Inc (GVI), headquartered in Berkeley, California, is a leading innovator of 3D mapping technologies. GVI provides a wide range of advanced aerial, terrestrial, and mobile LiDAR survey and mapping hardware systems and cutting-edge software as well as turnkey solutions. Our portfolio includes airborne, handheld, mobile, and backpack laser scanning platforms, as well as point cloud processing software such as the LiDAR360 LiDAR data processing platform. GVI focuses on LiDAR and image fusion technology, specializing in LiDAR, UAV, SLAM, Photogrammetry, and other technologies to achieve an accurate digital representation of three-dimensional space. As we continue to expand our reach and technological capabilities, GVI remains committed to driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the LiDAR space.

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