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High Definition Maps - Roadway Application

Data AcquisitionGreenValley International's diversified set of HD mapping technologies are designed to acquire data in both indoor and outdoor environments. SLAM algorithms allow GreenValley lnternational's HD mapping systems to function properly in GNSS-denied settings.Data FusionSpatially overlapping images and point clouds can be merged or fused using GreenValley software solutions for creating colorized 3D data sets in HD.Fusion of LiDAR collected from multiple data collection platforms (e.g., vehicle, backpack, and UAV) can create HD maps that provide maximum 3D spatial cover···
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Handheld, Mobile and UAV 3D Mapping Systems

GVI aims to provide versatile LiDAR hardware systems to accurately map any 3D environment. Through the use of SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping), our Handheld and Mobile systems can rapidly scan both indoor and outdoor environments without the need for GPS. This ability allows foresters, archaeologists, civil engineers, surveyors, and more to build robust datasets without prep or complex post-processing software.

GreenValley International Inc (GVI), headquartered in Berkeley, California, is a leading innovator of 3D mapping technologies. GVI provides a wide range of advanced aerial, terrestrial, and mobile LiDAR survey and mapping hardware systems and cutting-edge software as well as turnkey solutions. Our portfolio includes airborne, handheld, mobile, and backpack laser scanning platforms, as well as point cloud processing software such as the LiDAR360 LiDAR data processing platform. GVI focuses on LiDAR and image fusion technology, specializing in LiDAR, UAV, SLAM, Photogrammetry, and other technologies to achieve an accurate digital representation of three-dimensional space. As we continue to expand our reach and technological capabilities, GVI remains committed to driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the LiDAR space.

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