Exercise 5: Vegetation growth prediction

Tree growth can be simulated on single tree level according to given growing rate and years. Trees that will violate the clearance distance of power lines will be detected in Tree Growth Analysis.

Use the output datasets generated from Exercise 1, or the data provided in SampleData Exercise2345 folder for the following exercise.

1 In Power Line panel, click Early Warning Analysis > Tree Growth Analysis .

2 Remove all datasets from Data File except for 1-2(1_2).LiData and 2-3(2_3).LiData.

3 Choose Based on Point Cloud for Data Type.

4 Accept default values for other parameters and click Start to run the analysis.

5 When finished, a table of trees analyzed will be added to the Power Line Tree Growth window with locations, nearest power line, space distance, etc..

6 Double-click a danger tree to locate it in the view.

LiPowerline Tutorial

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