Generate Terrain Products in LiDAR360


LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that uses the location, distance, and angles of laser return signals to determine the 3D locations, capture the surface information, and reproduce the surface conditions of surveyed sites and features. LiDAR point clouds can be used to rapidly generate digital elevation models (DEM), digital surface models (DSM), and elevation contour line products with the aid of LiDAR360’s Terrain module. This tutorial consists of exercises that cover data pre-processing workflows used to cut and clean input datasets to the Terrain module’s DEM/DSM and contour creation tools.

Software requirement

Please download the latest version of LiDAR360 from the GreenValley International official website, and install and activate following instructions in the User Guide.

Sample data

The Sample Data folder provides sample datasets for the following exercises:

  • TerrainSampleData.LiData

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