Exercise 3: Manual Correction

Automatic Correction provides a method for LiDAR360 users to quickly process point cloud datasets to reduce boresight error with a minimum amount of effort. In many situations the output correction parameters can be fine-tuned to produce higher quality (more accurate) results. The Manual Correction operations that can be included in a Strip Alignment workflow can be most effective if performed by those with sufficient LiDAR data processing experience.

This Manual Correction exercise requires users to first follow instructions included in the LiDAR360 User Guide to calculate △Roll, △Pitch, △Heading: Boresight Error Calculation.

After entering the calculated △Roll, △Pitch, △Heading values for the input data, users can run the Transform tool in Strip Alignment window before moving on to repeated steps included in the Automatic Correction workflow included in Exercise 2 of this tutorial. Remember that the Transformation Type should be set to Loaded Point Cloud when the correction parameters are to be applied to data loaded on-the-fly. Selected Point Cloud Files should be the Transformation Type only if the user wishes for the correction parameter transform to be applied to the selected source dataset(s).

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