Exercise 2. Browse Data

2.1 Rotate, Pan, and Zoom

Left click and hold to rotate, right click to pan, and scroll the wheel to zoom. Also try the following functions from your toolbar:

button: Pick Rotation Center;

button: zoom to Full Extent;

buttons: drag to Zoom In/Out;

buttons: switch to 2D/3D view.

LiDAR360 Software Basics

2.2 Layer visibility and removal

Use the check boxes in the Layers menu to turn layers on and off. Right click on a point cloud layer, choose Zoom to Layer to zoom your display to layer extent. Select (highlight) a point cloud layer, then use the button to Remove the layer from display.

LiDAR360 Software Basics LiDAR360 Software Basics
LiDAR360 Software Basics
LiDAR360 Software Basics

Zoom to Layer is useful for navigation between distant point clouds.

2.3 Views and projections

Use the following buttons to quickly switch between views, or between orthogonal and perspective projections.

LiDAR360 Software Basics

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