Exercise 4. Running Regression Models

The Run Existing Regression Model function allows using prebuilt regression models to predict forest metrics.

Go to ALS Forest > Regression Analysis > Run Existing Regression Model to access the following dialog window.

LiDAR360 ALS Forest
  • Import Model File: Specify a model file produced by Linear Regression, SVM, ANN, or Random Forest algorithm (check Save Regression Model in Exercise 3).
  • Independent Variables: A list of independent variables to input into the predictive model. Refer to Exercise 2 for details.
  • Plot Type: Choose the proper plot type according to the data. Set the Length for Square plots or Radius for Circular plots.
  • Output Path: Specify an output directory to store the outputs, including regression models, model predictions (.tif file), and regression prediction reports (.html file).

Note: Input Independent Variables have to match the ones used for the model building. Otherwise, the tool will fail.

The output Regression Prediction Report contains model parameters, R, R-Square, RMSE, Probability Value, and the Significance of K-Fold Test Result.

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