LiMapper 2.0.1

Photogrammetry Software

Imagery Efficiency

LiMapper is designed to focus on providing the most efficient tools for mosaicing aerial photos and creating of surface models including DEM, DSM, DOM and TDM. LiMapper is capable of processing large numbers (>10,000) of high resolution images with a maximized utilization of computation resources.

  • Enhanced CUDA acceleration, increasing processing by 5~10 times.
  • Support for non-CUDA graphics cards.
  • Support for images without POS data. (Can only produce DSM. Does not generate DEM.)
  • Control DEM/DSM/DOM/TDOM production area by adjusting bounding Box.
  • Support for concurrent instances.
  • Import Roll, Pitch, and Yaw data.
  • Export DEM/DSM/DOM/TDOM, Stitching Lines, and individual Ortho Photo.
  • Auto UI language selection by system.
  • Display mouse point elevation in DSM view (right-click).
  • Option to disable Hillshade effect.
  • Improved speed and stability for Aerotriangulation.
  • Improved Sparse Cloud – Fast algorithm with reduced noses.
  • Enhanced Dense Cloud – Accurate algorithm.
  • Improved 3D visualization and user interaction.
  • Improved Stitching Lines editing.
  • Improved software UI.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause crash when using Dense Cloud – Accurate option.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause coordinate system information loss when loading new images after removing all images previously loaded in the project.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
LiMapper - import
LiMapper - import


Import and Export of POS file. Export to Point Cloud. Export DEM/DSM as .tif files.



Our new iteration of LiMapper includes a streamlined and simplified workflow.



Hillshade effect for DEM/DSM display. Hillshade effect for DEM/DSM display.



Dense Cloud/Tie Points options for DEM/DSM. High Density for best result; Spare for fast processing.

LiMapper -Stitching line

Display stitching

Display stitching Display stitching Display stitchin Display stitching



Options for different image blending modes – High for best results; Low for fast processing speed.

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