LiDAR360 v3.2

Comprehensive Point Cloud Post-Processing Suite

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Strip Adjustment, Statistics, Data Management, Classification, Vector Editor


LiDAR360's Terrain module contains tools for generating topographic models.


ALS/TLS Forest contains tools for extracting individual tree metrics from LiDAR data.

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The LiDAR360 Framework lays the foundation for the entire software suite. As such, we continually aspire to include tools required for effectively visualizing and manipulating LiDAR point cloud data. The Framework allows users to perform automatic strip adjustment, classify data, edit vectors and upgrade to more specific modules when necessary. The visualizer is completely free.

Input data from point cloud, models, rasters, vectors and more

Classification tools

Automatic Strip Adjustment

Vector Editing

Display by elevation, intensity, category, RGB, combination, etc.

Display modes: Mixed display, treeID, EDL, Glass

Display and measure flight path files

Clip flight path


The Terrain module provides a suite of GIS tools for calculating calculating slope, roughness, aspect & contours from surface models. Additionally, it contains tools for repairing surface models, i.e., spikes, holes and extraneous values.

Generate DEM, DSM, canopy height models & more Generate and edit TIN models based on point cloud Generate contour lines from rasters Generate TDOM models Calculate terrain slope, aspect, roughness, hillshade and more from terrain surface models

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Aerial & Terrestrial Forestry Metrics

The ALS/TLS Forestry module includes highly refined tools for calculating forestry metrics from both aerial and terrestrial point cloud datasets. Structural statistics, regression models, segmentation algorithms, batch processing and more are all possible within this module. ALS/TLS Forestry includes everything and more from our recently discontinued software, LiForest.

Height Variables • Intensity Variables • Leaf Area Index (LAI) • Artificial Neural Network Regression • CHM Segmentation • Point Cloud Segmentation • Ground Point Filtering • Extract by treeID • Classification (Gaussian Mixture Model)

Finding DBH Values from Handheld Mobile LiDAR