LiDAR360 2.0.1

Comprehensive Point Cloud Post-Processing

LiDAR360 2.0.1 Major New Features & Updates
ALS Module
Generate segmentation seed layer based on CHM/Point Cloud Segmentation and Layer Stacking. Seed layer editing.
Batch-processed segmentation based on input Seed layer.
TLS Module
Ground Classification using TLS data. Generate and edit segmentation Seed layer. Batch-processed segmentation based on input Seed layer.
Classification for key feature points. By identify the key surface points, this allows the down-sampling of relatively flat areas thus improving processing efficiency without sacrificing quality. More user input parameters and options. Improved point cloud filters.
Power Line Module
Create vector output for power line and tower classifications. Real-time measurement of the distances from any given point to the closest power line and tower.
Other Updates
Improved TIN display. Setting point cloud display point size for individual layers. Automatically identify point cloud center point and set it as rotation center. Display shapefile layer attribute table. Identify and locate the corresponding individual tree in the viewer by double-clicking a row in the segmentation result list table. General performance improvements. Minor bug fixes.

Making LiDAR Data Manageable

Our flagship software, LiDAR360, provides tools for efficiently visualizing, generating & manipulating  LiDAR point clouds. Analyze your data with TB level processing power. This comprehensive solution to post-processing LiDAR point cloud data includes industry specific modules which allows for a better user experience and quicker, more efficient results. The Terrain, ALS Forest, TLS Forest, Strip Alignment & Powerline Modules can be purchased separately or as a complete software suite depending on your company/project needs.

*LiForest 2.1 has now been discontinued. All features have been upgraded and included in ALS/TLS Forestry Modules. LiForest users are encouraged to contact us for information regarding upgrades and maintenance. 



LiDAR360 Framework

The core software includes tools for classification, surface model generation and data management. LiDAR360’s flexibility allows our users to choose relevant modules in order to suit their industry and project needs.

powerline point

Strip Alignment

The Strip Alignment toolset allows you to import the POS files for flight paths and extract the corresponding LiDAR points allowing you to align them across different swaths.


ALS Forest

The ALS Forest Module allows users to calculate forest metrics including elevation, intensity, canopy cover and more. ALS Forest Module contains regression models and segmentation techniques such as CHM Segmentation & Point Cloud Segmentation.


TLS Forest

Our TLS Forest Module includes Gaussian Mixture Model classification and TLS (Terrestrial LiDAR Scan) Point Cloud segmentation. Use these functions to classify ground, leaf and trunk points from a TLS point cloud & segment individual trees from TLS point clouds.



The Terrain Module is a suite of GIS tools for calculating slope, roughness, aspect & contours from surface models. Additionally, it contains tools for repairing surface models, i.e., spikes, holes and extraneous values.

lidar360 - powerline


Our most recent LiDAR360 module is the Powerline Module. It allows for automatic detection of powerlines within LiDAR datasets and determines objects deemed too close (Danger Points), namely, vegetation. This automated workflow is summarized in a intuitive project report.