Handheld, Terrestrial 3D Mapping

GVI LiBackpack is an affordable and lightweight terrestrial 3D mapping system. LiBackpack enables users from a myriad of industries to accurately map surroundings quickly and efficiently. Integrating LiDAR with SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) technology allows for seamless indoor/outdoor data collection capabilities.  Visualize the point cloud in real-time and generate high precision geospatial products with minimal data processing. Highly automated by design, LiBackpack has been successfully deployed by users in forest inventory, infrastructure, mining and more.


LiAir Series

Affordable, Aerial LiDAR

GVI’s UAV LiDAR systems, LiAir Standard and Premium models perfectly balances accuracy and affordability.  Each model integrates LiDAR (Velodyne VLP-16/HDL-32e), POS & RGB imagery. Begin collecting colorized point cloud data in real-time with LiAcquire, our proprietary acquisition software. LiAir Premium MX integrates Riegl miniVUX-1, allowing for an even higher point density and longer range. LiAir usability and streamlined workflow continues to prove itself in effectively mapping terrain, forestry, power line corridors and more.


LiAir Pro

Survey-Grade Aerial LiDAR

LiAir Pro is our most robust and advanced UAV LiDAR system. Integrating a survey-grade LiDAR sensor and POS system allows for accurate, long range mapping of even the most challenging terrains. Extract more meaningful data through optional imagery upgrades such as RGB and multispectral cameras. LiAir Pro has previously been deployed in applications such as disaster management, forest inventory, cultural heritage management and more.